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Primary key generation in JPA

Generation of primary key values is a very important functionality of relational database management systems. The main idea is to let RDBMS automatically calculate and assign primary key value to the row being inserted into the database table. This not … Continue reading

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Integrating Hibernate with Spring

When building a web application, we will sooner or later need to somehow store data entered by users and retrieve it later. In most cases the best place to keep such data is a database because it additionally provides many … Continue reading

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Facelets ui:repeat tag

Facelets ui:repeat tag can be used as a substitute of h:dataTable tag from JSF HTML library or c:forEach tag from JSTL core library. While using h:dataTable tag is still the preferred method to create tables, ui:repeat tag gives developer more … Continue reading

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Data tables in JSF

Data table is one of the most advanced UI components provided by JSF. This component is used to represent data in a table form and can contain multiple rows and columns and optionally header, footer and caption. In this post … Continue reading

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Custom bean validation constraints

Bean Validation API defines several built-in constraint annotations which are very useful in many situations. However, there are still some cases where these standard constraints are not enough and you have to create your own custom constraint. With Bean Validation … Continue reading

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JSF Facelets: templates

Facelets were introduced in JSF 2.0 to resolve common inefficiencies in JSF when creating large-scale sites. Two most useful additions provided by facelets were the ability to reuse the code through templating and to create custom composite components conveniently. In … Continue reading

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Monitoring AJAX request lifecycle in JSF

Sometimes when working with AJAX in JSF you may find it useful to able to perform some actions before the request is sent to server, after the response is received and when some error occurs. The common case is to … Continue reading

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